The Fermentalists

The Everyday Red Hotsauce - 160ml


Rich & savoury, this naturally fermented hotsauce goes on everything

This hotsauce is for you, your best friend and your grandpa. It's for dashing over your eggs in the morning, adding to your lunchtime sandwich and for slathering over that evening roast. Rich and savoury, we use naturally fermented habaneros, cayenne peppers, capsicum, garlic, spanish onion & ginger to create your new everyday sauce.



Our hand-made, small batch natural fermentation process:

We ferment our chilli and garlic mash for a minimum of 4 weeks, before blending them together with apple cider vinegar to create a brilliant complexity and depth of flavour. We keep the process and ingredients list simple, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted flavour of the amazing raw ingredients which have gone into this one.


Ingredients: Red cayenne pepper, habanero chilli, apple cider vinegar, water, capsicum, onion, garlic, ginger, Himalayan pink salt, xanthan gum

Best kept in the fridge but can be stored at room temperature.

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