The Fermentalists

Smoked Garlic, Habanero & Honey Hotsauce - 160ml


Naturally fermented Habaneros, smoked garlic & a long honey finish

Our Smoked Garlic & Honey Habanero Hotsauce was created to bring out the natural sweetness of our habaneros. Married together with the rich flavours of smoked garlic and Australian honey, this hotsauce has a delicious medley of flavours which leave you wanting more.

HEAT LEVEL : 3 out of 5 - Hot not HOT



Our hand-made, small batch natural fermentation process:

We ferment our chilli and garlic mash for a minimum of 4 weeks, before blending them together with apple cider vinegar to create a brilliant complexity and depth of flavour. We keep the process and ingredients list simple, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted flavour of the amazing raw ingredients which have gone into this one.


Ingredients: Habanero chilli, apple cider vinegar, water, garlic, honey, Himalayan pink salt, xanthan gum

Best kept in the fridge but can be stored at room temperature.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
adam brantExc
Amazing product

The fermenalists have the goods!
Amazing sauce, great customer service 5+

Gouri Das
The best hot sauce in the business!

I cannot rave enough about the Fermentalists! This hot sauce has literally saved me from a life of blandness and had had me eating salads for the first time in years. It’s delicious, incredibly full-bodied and decadent with a hint of sweetness that adds dimension to the spice. I have gone through 6 bottles in 3 months! Amazing, you have a customer for life!

Cat Lu
My go to

This is my fave hot sauce. It has a beautiful smoky flavour that isn’t too overbearing and a subtle sweetness that rounds everything out nicely. I love this on pretty much everything.

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