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Jump into condiment heaven

Sometimes making decisions is hard, we get it. So to make life easier we pulled together three of our favourite and most popular condiments into one easy to order bundle. One deliciously rich chilli jam, a fermented chilli salt that packs a punch, and a jar of our naturally fermented Australian chillies. Together this team will liven up every dish. 


A bit about the Chilli Jam

Why is this chilli jam so special you ask? Because we begin the process by naturally fermenting the very best Australian chillies, full stop. This creates a deliciously rich and balanced chilli jam with just enough heat and the perfect level of sweetness to elevate every culinary experience. Great for topping off fish, adding to a stir fry or just grab a spoon and dive in.  HEAT LEVEL : 2 out of 5 - Just a tickle


Ingredients: Fermented chillies, sugar, lemon juice, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, tamarind paste, salt


A bit about the Fermented Chillies

Using the best Australian red chillies we could find, the natural fermentation process adds a depth & complexity of flavour that is like nothing you've tasted before. Add as a side condiment to any meal, stir though your favourite pasta or grab a fork and eat them straight from the jar - you decide!


Ingredients: Red chillies, vegetable oil, Himalayan pink salt

Best kept in the fridge but can be stored at room temperature.


A bit about the Fermented Chilli Salt

To make our Original Fermented Chilli Salt we dehydrate our naturally fermented chillies and combine them with Australian salt flakes. The result is a natural, flavour packed chilli salt that will make your next dish pop!


Ingredients: Australian salt flakes, chilli, apple cider vinegar, garlic

Customer Reviews

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Jet Tranter
"Flavorful Condiment Bundle: Elevate Your Dishes!"

Oh boy, this condiment bundle is a game-changer! It's like diving into condiment heaven! Let me tell you, these three goodies are absolute flavor bombs.
First, the Chilli Jam is something else! They naturally ferment Australian chillies to create a rich and perfectly balanced jam with a hint of sweetness and just enough heat (2 out of 5 - just a tickle!). It's gluten-free too, which is awesome.
Then, the Fermented Chillies are incredible. The natural fermentation process makes them so flavorful and versatile. I love adding them as a side condiment or mixing them into my pasta. And guess what? They're vegan-friendly and gluten-free!
Lastly, the Fermented Chilli Salt is my secret weapon now. Made by blending dehydrated naturally fermented chillies with Australian salt flakes, it takes any dish to a whole new level. It's packed with flavor and, you guessed it, vegan, gluten-free, and no added sugars.
I'm seriously hooked on these condiments. They add that perfect kick and excitement to every meal. If you want to elevate your dishes easily, you've gotta get this bundle. Trust me, you won't regret it!


We have tried the condiments bundle and absolutely loved it! Delicious.

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